The quality requirements

Seamless quality assurance

During the entire planning and construction phase up to acceptance, QM for Biomass District Heating Plants aims to ensure that a technically and operationally flawless plant with high efficiency is realized while keeping investment and operating costs to a minimum. Operational optimization and the evaluation of the quality objectives defined at the beginning conclude the project:

  • The heat demand values must be determined in a comprehensible and plausible manner in accordance with the applicable regulations and must be presented in the form of a load characteristic and an annual duration curve.
  • The district heating grid should not fall below a minimum linear density. The biomass boiler should be designed with lowest possible nominal output so that it achieves the high utilisation rate required by QM for biomass district heating plants.
  • If possible, defined standard hydraulic solutions should be used for the hydraulic integration and the associated measurement and control technology.
  • The net volume of the fuel storage shall not exceed the demand of a few days of nominal power operation.
  • For the selection of biomass fuels, the detailed classification according to the QM system should be used, if possible.