What is QM for Biomass DH Plants

QM for Biomass DH Plants is a Quality Management system for Biomass District Heating Plants for the production and distribution of heat for space heating, domestic hot water production and process heat. For smaller monovalent plants QMmini is applied. Both procedures are recommended by funding authorities in Switzerland for quality assurance and is mandatory in some cantons for subsidised projects. Both procedures are an integral part of the funding procedure in Austria and mandatory to get public funding for a biomass Districtheating plant.

In 1998, Swiss experts were commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and some cantons to develop a QM system for larger wood heating systems. After the storm "Lothar" of 26 December 1999, which left devastated forests with firewood for many years, the QM system was prescribed by the federal government and the cantons for larger subsidised wood heating plants and continuously developed under the name "QM Holzheizwerke®".

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