QMstandard: simplified version

Normally QM for Biomass DH Plants includes 5 milestones. In the simplified version, Milestone 3 and 4 can be omitted. This is possible only under the following conditions:

  • A standard hydraulic scheme is selected for Milestone 2 (this condition can only be omitted if the hydraulic and control solution selected by the planner is described in the same level of detail as the standard control and this solution is complete for Milestone 2),
  • Performance, flow rates and temperatures are already defined in Milestone 2,
  • The demand assessment and appropriate system selection in Milestone 2 already fulfils all Q-requirements of Milestone 3 (to be ensured by the main planner).

Although Milestone 3 and 4 are not verified by the Q-manager, they must still be fulfilled by the main planner. Missing documents must be submitted to the Q-manager in Milestone 5.

Download link Q-guidelines