QMstandard is the standard procedure of QM Holzheizwerke® for larger plants. The following describtion shows hot it works.

The QMstandard process is described in the Q-guidelines (link to download). This guide defines at which point of a project process the individual milestones are completed. Checklists in the appendix describe in detail which documents for the individual milestones must be delivered by the main planner to the Q-manager. The main planner is responsible for obtaining the necessary documents from the plant owner.

Milestone 1: At a kick-off meeting, the Q-manager, together with the plant owner (or authorized representative) and the main planner, define the quality requirements and the responsibilities in a Q-plan.

Milestone 2 and Milestone 3: When the design planning and later the tender planning are available, the Q-manager checks the quality of the planning in each phase and, if necessary, makes recommendations that the plant owner can accept or reject. The results of this review are recorded in an additional document.

Milestone 4: After the regular commissioning and acceptance of the plant a concept for operational optimisation must be created by the plant owner and the main planner and submitted to the Q-manager.

Milestone 5: The final inspection by the Q-manager takes place at the earliest one year after the commissioning of the plant and after the implementation of the operational optimisation. The plant supplier must prove that the agreed quality requirements have been met.